About Us

Dr. Brett Cardonick has been a chiropractor serving hundreds of patients in the Mount Airy/Chestnut Hill sections of Philadelphia and the Greater Montgomery County areas of Pennsylvania since 1993.  Helping his patients achieve optimal health using a holistic approach, he specializes in musculoskeletal pain – including the back, neck and shoulders – as well as headaches and many other injuries. With an office located in Mt. Airy, he and his team do their best to ensure that you receive state-of-the-art care in an environment that serves to enhance your healing experience. A participating provider in most insurances, care plans for patients are designed with an emphasis on correction, prevention and wellness care. When insurance coverage falls short, non-insurance plans are simple and affordable; we understand how to enable you to receive the care you need without adding stress to your life. Additional therapies include massage therapy, stress management as well as other complementary health modalities provided by licensed and certified practitioners. Referrals are always made when necessary and appropriate. Dr. Cardonick and his team work hard to make every aspect of your care a positive experience from the moment you walk in the door, and we look forward to meeting and helping you and your family meet your health and wellness goals.

Tiffanee is the “right hand” to Dr. Cardonick. She is the office CA (Chiropractic Assistant) specializing in compassionate patient care. She is eager to assist patients with their care plan and is a natural at patient advocacy. She understands everyone is busy with work/life and is committed to accommodating patients’ schedules, making care accessible to ensure each patient receives the care needed to thrive! She is expert at assisting Dr. Cardonick and at helping you with your journey to better health.

Tom specializes in specific corrective soft tissue therapies. Whether it is for peak performance, injury rehab or local/general pain, Tom will utilize an applicable therapeutic technique for your needs.

Ena uses techniques that are designed to relax injured and irritated muscles. Her caring and compassionate personality is a perfect match to our healing environment.

Upcoming Events

New location – 7167 Germantown Ave. (next to Bank of America)

We have workshops every Tuesday night. Please call us for details.

General Office Hours

8:30am-12 & 3-6:30pm
8:30am-12 & 3-6:30pm
8:30am-12 & 3-6:30pm
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How Chiropractic Helps

Insurance Coverage

Many health plans cover chiropractic care, including workers’ compensation and personal injury. The staff at Cardonick Chiropractic will be pleased to help you process the appropriate insurance claims.